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Sen. Trent Lott

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Mr. President, following 1 hour of debate, a vote will occur on the motion to invoke cloture with respect to the campaign finance reform bill. If cloture is not invoked, a cloture vote will then occur on the Lott amendment dealing with paycheck protection to S. 25. Therefore, Members can anticipate two back-to-back rollcall votes at approximately 1 p.m. I will notify Members as to the rest of the day. We are working now with the Democratic leader to see if we can get some understanding as to how we will proceed throughout the remainder of the day and, of course, how we will conclude the week's schedule.

It is hoped that the Senate will be able to vote on the VA-HUD appropriations conference report. I believe that is pretty well agreed to. We are also hoping we will be able to get the papers and have a vote on the Transportation appropriations conference report, if a recorded vote is required. And we hope to have some discussion today on the ISTEA authorization bill. We have requests from Senators for a block of time around 4 o'clock. But we are trying now to get an understanding of how we will proceed through the remainder of the day. Once that is worked out, we will notify all the Members. Of course, we could have some action on the Executive Calendar, in addition, before we go out tonight.

I yield the floor, Mr. President.

Mr. ROBERTS addressed the Chair.

The Senator from Kansas.