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A Tribute To Angela Raish

Rep. Heather A. Wilson

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Mr. Speaker, I rise today to recognize Angela Raish and to let this Congress know about a loss that we as a Congress will soon suffer. Ms. Raish has been the personal secretary and scheduler to New Mexico Senator Pete Domenici. She has served for 21 years as the Senator's ``vero braccio destro'' or right hand.

Her pleasant manner and dedication to the Senator and to the people of New Mexico is unparalleled. She worked selflessly to ensure everyone in the office did the best work possible for the Senator and the people of New Mexico. To give you an idea of what an impact she made, her retirement celebration was hosted by the Senator and Nancy Domenici as well as former Senate Majority Leader Howard Baker, former Senate Majority Leader Bob Dole and former Senator Sam Nunn, a Georgia Democrat.

Raish who grew up in South Dakota, joined Domenici's staff in 1977. Truth is, she probably knows more New Mexicans than the Senator does. And all of them adore Angela. Along the way she helped hundreds of people with her warm, caring manner. Dedicated, loyal public servants make up the majority of people working on Capitol Hill. But, Angela Raish has set the bar at the highest level to which others should aspire.