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In Honor Of Maestro Raul Anguiano

Rep. Loretta Sanchez

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Mr. Speaker, today I rise to pay tribute to Mexico's greatest living muralist, the highly acclaimed artist, Maestro Raul Anguiano. It is also my great pleasure to welcome the Maestro to The Bowers Museum in Santa Ana, CA, where he will place the first brush stroke on a mural for the Museum.

The Maestro is known throughout the world as Mexico's ambassador of art. He has exhibited in major museums and galleries around the world including the Palace of Fine Arts, the National Museum of Prints and the Museum of Plastic Arts in Mexico City, the Museum of Man in San Diego, the Carnegie Art Museum, the Institute Italo, Latino Americao (Rome), Casas Reales Museum (Santa Domingo), and the Armand Hammer Museum in Los Angeles. His solo exhibits include Moscow, Leningrad, Peking, Rome, Assissi and Venice. HIs work has also been exhibited at the Santora Arts Center in Santa Ana, CA.

His works are included in permanent exhibits in many major museums around the world. Most recently his painting the ``Crucifixation'' was accepted by Pope John Paul II and is now in the collection at the Vatican.

Raul Anguiano was born in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico, February 26, 1915. He began painting at the age of twelve. As a child, he would paint or draw on any space available; his creativity and genius could not be contained. His mother, Abigail, recognized her son's early signs of genius and encouraged him by providing him with sketch books. The young Raul was driven by sheer talent and desire to create the visions that were given to him.

Along with his contemporary, Diego Rivera, Maestro Anguiano has influenced other Mexican artists here in the United States. R.C. Gorman has credited Anguiano with his ``aesthetic influence as well as subject matter.''

Maestro Anguiano has given to the world a precious gift of beauty that will live on forever by creating a mural for the permanent collection of the Bowers Museum. I commend Maestro Raul Anguiano for his significant artistic contribution to the history of art and his impact on contemporary artists around the world.