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Honoring The Distinguished Career Of Judge John Justin Malik, Jr. Upon His Retirement

Rep. Robert William Ney

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Mr. Speaker, I commend the following article to my colleagues:

Judge John Justin Malik, Jr. has spent his life serving the people. His career began in 1958 when he served as the City Solicitor for the city of Bellaire, Ohio. He then became the Belmont County Prosecuting Attorney and later a Belmont County Commissioner. As Commissioner, Judge Malik was appointed to serve on the Ohio Jail Advisory Board and continues to serve on that Board as Judge. He also participated in the acquisition of the land on State Route 331 where Fox Shannon Industrial Park was formed. This industrial park is now the site of several agencies and businesses, including Sargus Juvenile Detention Center, the Department of Human Services, and the new Belmont County jail. Judge Malik was a partner in a law firm started by his father in the 1930's. Upon graduation from Notre Dame, Judge Malik joined his father in this practice and practiced law while also serving as City Solicitor for Bellaire and as Belmont County Commissioner. Since becoming Juvenile and Probate Judge in February 1991, Judge Malik has continued to work for the benefit of Belmont County. He recently has been instrumental in the donation of land to Belmont County. This area is set to be the new location of the Belmont County Fairgrounds. Additionally, Judge Malik works diligently to work with juvenile delinquents and unruly children in Belmont County. In addition to all of these efforts, Judge Malik continues to own and operate a garden center and gift ship and serve on the Board of Directors for several organizations.

Mr. Speaker, I ask that my colleagues join me in honoring the career of Judge Malik. His lifelong service and commitment to Belmont County is to be commended.