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Tribute To Raymond C. Fisher

Rep. Brad Sherman

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Mr. Speaker, I rise today to pay tribute to a constituent and a truly outstanding member of this Administration, Raymond C. Fisher. Mr. Fisher was selected as the 1999 Distinguished Alumnus at the University of California, Santa Barbara.

Public service has been a hallmark of Ray Fisher's distinguished career that was recognized by UCSB. During his 30-year legal career, he has also served as president of the Los Angeles City Civil Service Commission, Deputy General Counsel to the Christopher Commission, and chair of the Los Angeles Police Commission. Mr. Fisher's dedication to practicing law in the public's interest is especially reflected in his service as a special assistant to the Governor of California, and as past president of the Constitutional Rights Foundation.

His lifetime of public service was recognized in a ceremony on February 20th, yet his work continues. Ray Fisher is now serving as an Associate Attorney General, and his office oversees a broad range of divisions, including antitrust, civil rights, legal counsel, and taxation. The Justice Department is well served by both his character and his concern for the public interest.

Mr. Speaker, distinguished colleagues, I ask you to join me and the University of California at Santa Barbara in celebrating Raymond Fisher's distinguished legal and public service career. We look forward to his continued leadership role at Justice for many years to come.