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Rep. Rubén Hinojosa

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Mr. Speaker, the following is a list of rollcall votes I recently missed and how I would have voted had I been present:

No. 2--Days of Remembrance: H. Con. Res. 244, Holocaust remembrance. Yea.

No. 3--Hillory J. Farias Date-Rape Prevention Act, Senate amendments to H.R. 2130. Yea.

No. 4--Child Abuse Prevention & Enforcement Act, Senate amendment to H.R. 764. Yea.

No. 5--Taiwan Security Enhancement Act, H.R. 1838. Yea.

No. 6--Motion to Instruct Conferees on H.R. 2990, Quality Care for the Uninsured Act. Yea.

No. 7--Workplace Goods Job Growth and Competitiveness Act, H.R. 2005. Nay.

No. 8--Abraham Lincoln Bicentennial Commission, Senate amendment to H.R. 1415. Yea.

No. 9--Poison Control Center Enhancement and Awareness, S. 632. Yea.

No. 10--Honoring the Former Speaker of the House, Carl B. Albert, H. Res. 418. Yea.

No. 11--Journal for Wednesday, 2/9/00. Yea.

No. 12--Rule (Marriage Tax Penalty Relief). Nay.

No. 13--Rangel substitute (Marriage Tax Penalty Relief). Yea.

No. 14--Hill of Indiana motion to recommit (Marriage Tax Penalty Relief). Aye.

No. 15--Marriage Tax Penalty Relief Act (final passage), H.R. 6. Nay.

No. 16--National Donor Day, H. Con. Res. 247. Yea.

No. 17--Child Abuse and Neglect, H. Con. Res. 76. Yea.

No. 18--H.R. 3557, Gold Medal for Cardinal O'Connor. Yea.

No. 19--H.R. 3642, Gold Medal to Charles M. Schulz. Yea.

No. 20--H.R. 3201, Carter G. Woodson Home National Historic Site Study Act. Yea.

No. 21--Approval of the Journal for Monday, February 14, 2000. Yea.