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Monsignor Lloyd Torgerson

Sen. Edward M. Kennedy

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Mr. President, this morning's session of the Senate was opened by Reverend Monsignor Lloyd Torgerson of Santa Monica, California. I welcome this opportunity to commend Monsignor Torgerson for his eloquent prayer and for the wisdom he has offered the Senate.

Monsignor Torgerson is a pastor at the Santa Monica Parish where he has served with great distinction for many years. He ministers to over 7,000 families, as well as an elementary school and a high school. He also serves at the Archdiocese level in Los Angeles, and is Dean of the 19 Westside parishes.

Over the years, Chaplain Ogilvie and Monsignor Torgerson have developed an excellent friendship through their work in the Los Angeles community. In fact, Monsignor Torgerson baptized all four of Chaplain Ogilvie's grandchildren.

The Senate is graced and honored by Monsignor Torgerson's presence this morning. I commend him for his inspirational prayer and for his service as our guest Chaplain. I ask unanimous consent that biographical information on Monsignor Torgerson's distinguished career be printed in the Record.

There being no objection, the material was ordered to be printed in the Record, as follows:

Rev. Msgr. Lloyd Torgerson was born in East Los Angeles in 1939 and attended St. Alphonsus Elementary School and Los Angeles Community College High School. Msgr. Torgerson completed his training for the priesthood at St. John's Seminary in Camarillo, California. He was ordained a Roman Catholic Priest in May, 1965 and his first assignment was at Holy Trinity Parish in San Pedro where he served for five years. Msgr. Torgerson was sent to complete his graduate degree in Religious Education at Fordham University in New York in 1970/71 and came back to serve the Los Angeles Archdiocese as Director of Youth Ministry. After eleven years, he was named the Director of Religious Education for the Archdiocese. Msgr. Torgerson has been in residence at St. Monica for twenty-one years and has served as pastor for the last thirteen years. St. Monica Parish has over 7,000 families, an elementary school, high school and a large outreach to the community of Santa Monica. His work as pastor and leader of St. Monica Parish includes parish administration, campaign and restoration of St. Monica Catholic Church and schools, adult education and formation, bringing new adults into the church, young adult ministry, working with the elderly, teaching in the schools, liturgy, hospital visitation, bereavement, and many other outreaches in this parish community. In Santa Monica, Msgr. Torgerson participates in Rotary, is a member of the Board of Directors of the Boys' and Girls' Club of Santa Monica, and the N.C.C.J. On the Archdiocesan level, he is Dean of the nineteen Westside parishes, on the Finance Council, the Tidings Board and the Cathedral Complex Restoration Committee. In March, 1999 through the present he is Episcopal Vicar of Our Lady of the Angels Pastoral Region.

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