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Tribute To Donna Garnett, Outstanding Colorado Woman

Rep. Scott McInnis

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Mr. Speaker, I would like to take a moment to congratulate a remarkable woman, Donna Garnett, for her remarkable devotion to her community. Over the last twenty-five years, Donna has lived in Colorado and has worked to improve the quality of life for its children. Through her volunteer work, Donna has helped hundreds of children in our state. Her continued devotion to the underprivileged children of Colorado has earned her the honor of being named Outstanding Colorado Woman. Donna's contributions to the citizens of Colorado are great in number and deserve the recognition of this body.

Donna is an extraordinary citizen. She has not only devoted her life to helping underprivileged children in Colorado, but she has also been a wonderful mother of three--Austin, 22, and twins, Max and Alexis, who just turned six. In addition to being an advocate for underprivileged children, Donna has also had an outstanding professional career. Over the past twenty-five years, Donna has had a parade of professional accomplishments: she has been a faculty member at University of Colorado-Denver, and a Professor of child development at Colorado State University, as well as Director of the Early Childhood Center at Metropolitan State College, Director of the Auraria Child Care Center. Moreover, she's been a contributing columnist at the Rocky Mountain News, and a Policy Director at the Office of the Governor.

As a volunteer, Donna has worked with numerous groups that work toward the betterment of children and families in Colorado. The following are just a few of her service oriented endeavors: Donna created the Work and Family Consortium to assist employers in accommodating work and family issues in the work place; she has been a consultant for the State of Colorado, working to help parents and teachers with troubled children; she has lent her grant writing expertise to many non profit organizations; and, finally, she helped establish the Urban Farm at Stapleton which helps inner-city children who live in at-risk neighborhoods in Denver.

Donna is an inspiration for us all and for all these reason she is deserving of the honor of Outstanding Colorado Woman. It is with this, Mr. Speaker, that I say thank you to Donna for her dedication and service to her community over the years and congratulate her on this recognition. She has worked hard for her community and state and for that we are all grateful.