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In Tribute To Mike Rotkin

Rep. Sam Farr

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Mr. Speaker, I rise today to honor a public servant of the highest order, a man who has given over two decades of his life to the community. Mr. Speaker, Mike Rotkin of Santa Cruz, California, has recently celebrated the milestone of twenty-one years of public service, a most commendable celebration.

After living in Santa Cruz since 1969, when he came as a graduate student to the University of California, Mr. Rotkin decided to put his activism into action. He began his civic life in 1977, when he was first elected to the Santa Cruz City Council. Since that time, he has served on various city commissions, including his time as Chairperson for the Metropolitan Transit Commission. Mike was elected Mayor of Santa Cruz in 1981, and has served two other terms as Mayor since then.

Mr. Rotkin's service extends beyond the role of politician. An active voice in the community, he regularly addresses city and national issues in letters to our local newspapers, and by enmeshing himself in a myriad of causes. His commitment to the community is demonstrated by his position as a Lecturer at the University of California, Santa Cruz, where he teaches and advises students on taking an active role in both the local and international realms. Indeed, many of his students have interned in my offices.

In a time when a lifelong career in public service is looked down upon, and activism and interest in government is declining, it is refreshing to see individuals like Mike Rotkin. I applaud his efforts over the past twenty-one years to work with and for the people of Santa Cruz, and I join his colleagues in thanking him for his tireless efforts.