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Tribute To Mr. Fred Wenger

Rep. Mike Pence

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Mr. Speaker, I rise today to honor the life of the late Mr. Fred Wenger, an outstanding citizen and dedicated community leader in Delaware County, Indiana for three decades. I join his lovely wife Karen and three children in expressing gratitude for his loyal service as an Indiana State Representative.

Mr. Speaker, ask everyone in the Indiana General Assembly about the legacy of Mr. Wenger and they will unanimously refer to his gentle soul. He was dedicated to building strong constituent relationships and stronger Christian values.

Mr. Wenger's powerful faith influenced all of his work at the State House. He routinely voted his conscious for each of his three years in office. His passion for public service made him an inspiration to all of his colleagues. He is not only deeply regarded, but also deeply loved.

Mr. Speaker, I respectfully ask my colleagues to join me in paying tribute to this respected man who helped make selected communities of east central Indiana the pleasant places they are today. Indiana will miss Mr. Fred Wenger.