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Honoring Pastor Freddie Garcia

Rep. Henry Bonilla

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Mr. Speaker, I rise today to honor Pastor Freddie Garcia for his hard work and contributions made throughout Texas, New Mexico, California, Mexico, Peru, Colombia, and Puerto Rico. Pastor Garcia's hard work and commitment to God has improved and affected many lives.

Pastor Freddie Garcia was born June 10th, 1938 in San Antonio, Texas. Growing up, Pastor Garcia faced many difficult situations; his largest obstacle was drug addiction. Pastor Garcia overcame his addiction to drugs upon finding and devoting his life to God. In June 1966, Pastor Freddie Garcia married his wife Ninfa. The two have been happily married and are committed to a life with God.

Pastor Garcia graduated from the Latin American Bible Institute in California in 1970. In 1972, Pastor Freddie Garcia and Ninfa founded Victory Fellowship Outreach. The program provides teachings on issues such as: family, education, discipline, the church, and community while also focusing on individuals in need of reconciliation and rehabilitation. Victory Fellowship Outreach has cured over 13,000 people from drug addiction.

Within Victory Fellowship Outreach there are many other ministries that reach out to help troubled individuals. The Victory Home-Christian Rehabilitation Center is open 24 hours and located in drug infested areas of San Antonio. The Center feeds and houses women and men in need of shelter and healing from life-controlling addictions. The Center has expanded across the United States and abroad. The Victory Leadership Academy has a two-year curriculum designed to equip workers with the skills necessary to run Christian rehabilitation centers. These centers also exist across the United States and throughout the world. Campus Outreach is a Youth Task Force comprised of former gang members who confront and challenge both junior high and high school students with lectures, discussion panels, classroom participation, and one on one interaction to discuss the evils of gangs and drugs. Victory Fellowship Outreach also offers Drop-In Centers which are located within housing projects offering emergency housing for troubled individuals and Jail and Prison Ministries which provide inmates with personal visits and Bible Correspondence Courses.

In 1988, Pastor Freddie Garcia published Outcry in the Barrio, an autobiography. In 1990 former President Bush presented him with the Achievement Against the Odds Award. Pastor Garcia is a model citizen helping others with troubled pasts and troubled lives become model citizens. I would like to thank Pastor Freddie Garcia and his wife Ninfa for all they do, have done and will continue to do in the name of God and a better America.