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Tribute To Douglas D. Ketcham

Rep. Eric Cantor

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Mr. Speaker, I would like to take the opportunity today to pay tribute to Douglas D. Ketcham.

Douglas Ketcham was 27 years of age. He was a graduate of University of Virginia and was beginning his career as a bond trader for Cantor Fitzgerald Securities in the World Trade Center.

Douglas Ketcham's life brutally ended when he was a target of terrorist aggression, by a radical extremist group that declared a religious crusade against America and her people. The terrorists sought to end the very things that Douglas' life embodied: liberty, individualism, and opportunity.

Midlothian and the Richmond area, and even our entire nation, has experienced the loss of a friend and patriot. Douglas Ketcham's parents and his loved ones do not mourn alone for him; a whole country joins their sorrow.

On Tuesday, September 11, 2001, a precious life was ripped from our midst.

Douglas Ketcham set himself in the heart of America's business center. He represented the American dream: Hard work and dedication in pursuit of success for himself, his family and community.

On September IIth, Douglas Ketcham reported for work on the 104th floor of the World Trade Center. This day of infamy will remain in American hearts forever--while Douglas Ketcham and many others were conducting the nation's business, terrorists ruthlessly took their lives. Because Mr. Ketcham lived as a symbol of America, he was targeted by those who plot the demise of freedom and democracy.

We owe Douglas Ketcham for paying the price with his life for our freedom, and we will always remember his sacrifice. Let us honor his memory.