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Honoring The Life Of Mack Timberlake

Rep. J.C. Watts

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Mr. Speaker, I rise to pay homage to a dedicated man, husband, father and servant of God, Mack Timberlake. Bishop Timberlake died at the age of fifty-two on January 29, 2002. As senior pastor of the Christian Faith Center in Creedmoor, North Carolina, Mack's creed was to live life to the fullest while fulfilling the vision God has given us.

I extend my dearest sympathies to Mack's wife, Brenda, and their six children. She, like Mack, has devoted her life to serving our Lord and His children. Together, Mack and Brenda have authored seven books.

Bishop Timberlake and I worked together on promoting the faith-based initiative. It is sad that he will not be able to see the fruits of his labor, but I am certain he would be glad to know we are closer with each passing day to making that idea a reality. Serving the least of our brethren is a noble goal Mack never lost sight of. When I continue to work on this endeavor, I will most certainly think of him.

The career of Mack Timberlake was quite extensive. He served as regent on the Board of Trustees for Oral Roberts University, was given an honorary Doctorate of Divinity from Jameson Christian College, wrote a monthly column for ``Gospel Today,'' was the superintendent of nearly 300 students at the Christian Faith Center Academy, co-owned a boutique and served on the Board of Governors for the National Faith Based Initiative.

It is always difficult to say goodbye to a loved one. But it is always a blessing to have known someone who made a difference in people's lives. Mack Timberlake did indeed live life to its fullest while preaching the Gospel and working to make our country, one nation under God, a better one. For that, we are all blessed.