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Comfirmation Of Richard J. Leon, United States District Judge For Dc

Sen. Michael DeWine

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Mr. President, I rise to pay tribute to Mr. Richard ``Dick'' J. Leon, the new U.S. District Judge for the District of Columbia. I have known Dick for many years, and I was pleased that the Senate unanimously confirmed him on February 14, 2002.

Dick has all the key qualities necessary to be a fine a District Judge. He is bright, thoughtful, and ethical. He is a personable individual, who cares deeply about the law. I first worked with Dick in 1987, when I was serving on the Senate/House Select Iran-contra Committee. He had been a distinguished Federal prosecutor for the Justice Department, when our ranking Republican on the committee, Dick Cheney, hired him to serve as our deputy counsel. His performance on our staff was outstanding and his legal skills as an investigator, counselor, and examiner of witnesses were critical to the work of the select committee.

Dick Leon has distinguished himself as a counselor, handling complex criminal and civil litigation. But, his commitment to legal education is also noteworthy. Over his 28 year career, Dick has served in various positions helping teach others about law. He was a full-time law professor for 4 years at St. John's University Law School in New York, and he currently serves as an adjunct law professor at both the Georgetown University and Catholic University law schools in Washington, DC.

From time to time, Dick has been called to assist Congress with highly sensitive matters. Whether it has been counseling a bipartisan task force or serving on a congressional commission, he always has conducted himself with the utmost integrity. Dick Leon has earned the respect of both Republican and Democratic Members alike.

I have every confidence that Dick is fully prepared for the challenges of being a U.S. District Court Judge. I congratulate him on his new assignment and wish him; his wife, Christina; and their son, Nicholas, all the best.