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Manfred Peiper: Guam’S 2001 Executive Of The Year

Del. Robert A. Underwood

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Mr. Speaker, For the past nineteen years, the Guam business community along with the local chapter of the American Red Cross puts together an annual event honoring Guam's ``Executive of the Year.'' For 2001, the honor was bestowed upon Manfred H. Peiper, the general manager of the Hilton Guam Resort and Spa. A returning resident of Guam, Manfred was born in Hamburg, Germany on March 25, 1945. Orphaned at the age of sixteen, he was introduced to the hotel industry at an early age. Having had no choice but to fend for himself, he decided to take a job in the hotel business. A small family owned business called the Nienhause in Borken trusted him with a wide range of responsibilities and got him acquainted with the many facets of hotel management and operations. He later enrolled and graduated in 1966, from the Hotel Management School of Berlin where he earned the equivalent of a bachelor of arts degree in hotel management.

Manfred first joined Hilton International in 1969 taking a position at the Paris Hilton. He soon found himself working for the company in, among other locations, Deseldorf, Curacao and London. He took over as general manager for Hilton Guam in January 1988. His original plan to stay on the island for a few years eventually became a ten-year tour during which time he was able to secure $100 million worth of renovations and improvements to Hilton's facilities on Guam. Also under his direction, repairs were expeditiously completed after Hilton Guam sustained $44 million in damages from an 8.1 magnitude earthquake in 1993. In 1995, he took on additional responsibilities for the corporation as vice-president for East Asia and Thailand while maintaining his post as general manager on Guam.

Manfred and his family moved to Tokyo in 1998. Maintaining residence at the location of Hilton's flagship hotel for the region enabled him to better perform his corporate duties. For the next six years, he had the responsibility for 12 existing Hilton properties as well as a number of hotels under development in Japan, China, Korea, Taiwan, the Philippines and Guam. In 2000, he was welcomed back to his old post on Guam. His corporate level stint made him miss the challenges of direct interaction with employees, customers and the community.

On Guam, Manfred is well-known as both a leader and a team-player. The years he has spent on Guam is highlighted by a commendable record of service and contributions to community and civic organizations. In many instances, he has demonstrated his commitment to the advancement of tourism and the service industry on the island. As a manager, this work and dedication is reflected in the excellent service provided by his employees. As a community leader, he has accepted leadership posts and remains an active participant in civic activities. He has chaired the Guam Hotel and Restaurant Association and has been a board member of the Guam Visitors Bureau. Manfred is also a leading supporter of the Guam Symphony Society.

In light of his achievements and contributions, Manfred Peiper rightfully deserves to be honored. I join his wife, Li Wei, his daughter, Michelle, his sons, Nathly, Graham, and Mark-Alexander, in celebrating his accomplishments. The island community is elated with his desire to return to the island and we are hoping that he will be with us this time for good. Danke Schon and Si Yu'os Ma'ase', Manfred!

Also deserving recognition are the 2001 nominees for ``Executive of the Year''--Andrew D.M. Harford, Joseph E. Husslein, Karla Gonzalez Kehres, Ronald Leach, Gerald S.A. Perez, Karri Trahin Perez, Jay R. Shedd, Willie Tan and Gerald P. Yingling. As, with Manfred, these individuals have also made noteworthy contributions to the local business community. We commend them and appreciate their good work.