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Honoring Justice Moses M. Weinstein

Rep. Gary L. Ackerman

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Mr. Speaker, I am pleased to rise today to honor Justice Moses M. Weinstein, a distinguished public servant and a good friend on the occasion of his very special birthday.

Moses Weinstein served for eleven years in the New York State Assembly, where he was Majority Leader from 1965 to 1968. He was Speaker of the Assembly in 1968 and served as Acting Governor of the State of New York during August 1968. In 1970, Moses Weinstein was elected to a fourteen-year term as a Justice of the Supreme Court of New York State.

During his time as a legislator, Justice Weinstein sponsored the following important pieces of legislation: Creation of Crime Victims Compensation Board; creation of Temporary State Commission for Transplantation of Vital Organs; increasing number and amount of Regent Scholarships; and creating Mid-Atlantic States Air Pollution Control Committee.

Justice Weinstein has also been an integral member of his local community. The following is a list of some of his countless activities in his home community: Director and Treasurer of the Queens County Multiple Sclerosis Society; organizer of the Queens Children's Rehabilitation Service; charter board member of the Mid-Queens Child Guidance Center; and counsel to the Kew Gardens Hills Athletic Association.

Justice Weinstein has also been the recipient of countless awards and dedications. Among his awards are: ``Human Rights'' award from B'nai B'rith for ``outstanding and distinguished leadership in the cause of human rights''; and commendation during Battle of the Bulge, United States Army; U.S.O. Man of the Year; Queens Lighthouse Man of the Year; Distinguished Service Award from the Queens Country Optometrical Society; Anti-Defamation League award from B'nai B'rith; Annual Legislative Award from the Jewish War Veterans of New York State; Annual Meritorious Citation from Affiliated Young Democrats of New York State; ``Man of the Year'' award, 1983, from Brooklyn Law School; Honorary degree of Doctor of Laws, 1983, by Brooklyn Law School; President, Zion Organization of Kew Gardens Hills; Member of the National Executive Committee of Zionist Organization; President, Patrons Club of Long Island Zionist Region; Long Island Chairman of Israel Bonds Campaign; and United Jewish Appeal, Chairman.

Justice Weinstein is a resident of Kew Gardens Hills where he lives with his wonderful wife, the former Muriel Marshall. The Weinsteins are the proud parents of three sons, each of whom have followed their father's example into the field of law. His son Jonathan is currently a Supreme Court Examiner in Queens County; his son Peter, formerly a State Senator in Florida, is presently a Circuit Court Judge; and his son Jeremy, a former New York State Senator, is a Justice of the Supreme Court of New York.

I ask my colleagues to join me in honoring Justice M. Weinstein on this special birthday occasion. Justice Weinstein's illustrious career, tireless dedication and unmatched kindness will be a beacon of guidance for future generations of civil servants, jurors and legislators.