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Commending Tampa Bay Buccaneers For Winning Super Bowl Xxxvii

Sen. Richard J. Santorum

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Mr. President, I ask unanimous consent that the Senate proceed to the immediate consideration of S. Res. 26, submitted earlier today by Senators Nelson of Florida and Graham of Florida.

The clerk will report the resolution by title.

The assistant legislative clerk read as follows:

A resolution (S. Res. 26) commending the Tampa Bay Buccaneers football team for winning Super Bowl XXXVII.

Sen. Thomas A. Daschle

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Mr. President, I have consulted with the California Senators, and they do not object.

The Senate will proceed.

Sen. Richard J. Santorum

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Mr. President, I ask unanimous consent that the resolution and preamble be agreed to en bloc, the motion to reconsider be laid upon the table, with no intervening action or debate, and any statements be printed in the Record at the appropriate place as if read.

Without objection, it is so ordered.

The resolution (S. Res. 26) was agreed to.

The preamble was agreed to.

The resolution, with its preamble, reads as follows:

Whereas on January 26, 2003, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers defeated the Oakland Raiders 48-21 in San Diego, capturing their first Super Bowl title; Whereas Buccaneers head coach Jon Gruden became the youngest coach in National Football League history to win the Super Bowl, and led Tampa Bay to the title in his first year with the team; Whereas Buccaneers safety Dexter Jackson was named the Most Valuable Player of Super Bowl XXXVII, becoming the first player in Super Bowl history to intercept two passes in the first half of the game; Whereas the Buccaneers defensive unit finished the 2002- 2003 season as the NFL's number one ranked defense and recorded a Super Bowl-record, five interceptions against the NFL's Most Valuable Player, Oakland quarterback Rich Gannon, and the NFL's number one ranked offense; Whereas Buccaneers linebacker Derrick Brooks, the NFL's Defensive Player of the Year, sealed the Super Bowl victory with a 44-yard interception return for a touchdown with 1:18 to play; Whereas the Buccaneers offensive unit was led by Brad Johnson's 215 yards passing, Michael Pittman's season-high 124 yards rushing, Joe Jurevicius' team-high 78 receiving yards and Keenan McCardell's two touchdowns; Whereas the Tampa Bay Buccaneers completed the 2002 National Football League regular season with a 12-4 record, capturing the NFC South Division Title; Whereas the Buccaneers defeated the San Francisco 49ers, 31-6, and the Philadelphia Eagles, 27-10, to win the NFC Championship; Whereas Buccaneer players Mike Alstott, Derrick Brooks, Brad Johnson, John Lynch, Simeon Rice and Warren Sapp have been selected to play in the 2003 NFL Pro Bowl; Whereas each player, coach, trainer, manager, and administrator dedicated this season and their efforts to ensure the Tampa Bay Buccaneers reached the pinnacle of the sports world--a Super Bowl Championship; and Whereas Buccaneer fans and the Tampa Bay community are to be commended for their long-standing support, perseverance and pride in the team: Now, therefore, be it Resolved, that the Senate-- (1) commends the loyalty, perservance and pride of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers' fans; (2) congratulates the World Champion Tampa Bay Buccaneers for their historic win in Super Bowl XXXVII; and (3) recognizes the achievements of the players, coaches and support staff who were instrumental in helping the Tampa Bay Buccaneers win Super Bowl XXXVII. Sec. 2. The Secretary of the Senate shall transmit a copy of this resolution to Tampa Bay Buccaneers owner Malcolm Glazer and head coach Jon Gruden for appropriate display and transmit copies of this resolution to each player and coach of the Super Bowl XXXVII Championship team.