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Honoring Maxine Machado

Rep. George P. Radanovich

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Mr. Speaker, I rise today to recognize Maxine Machado on the occasion of her being selected as a recipient for the 2002 Common Threads Awards. Common Threads is a joint venture of the Agricultural Education Foundation, California State University, Fresno's College of Agricultural Sciences and Technology, and AG ONE Foundation. The award is given to women who have made a remarkable and visible contribution to the enhancement of their communities with their time and/or contributions. Honorees must live in Fresno, Kings, Madera, Merced, or Tulare County. They should have past or present roots in agriculture while showing outstanding involvement in a variety of community activities in addition to agriculture. The honorees make a difference with their philanthropic giving while serving as visible and credible role models for other women.

Maxine, a native of Los Angeles, California, has always been considered a lifelong ``country girl.'' Farming has played a major role in Maxine's life through good and bad, and she finds her satisfaction in knowing that she helps to feed and clothe our nation and a great part of the world through it. She and her husband, Fred, farm diverse crops and manage a dairy along with their grown children in the Easton area of Fresno County.

Mrs. Machado is an active volunteer in church, political, school, and agricultural activities. Some of Maxine's philanthropic and community involvement includes being the President for the Fresno County Cabrillo Civic Club #10 and the American Union School Parent's Club. She was involved in the St. Jude Catholic Church's Alter Guild and Church Building Fund and C.P.D.E.S. Hall and Holy Ghost Celebration Committees. Mrs. Machado has also been a member of the Fresno County Farm Bureau Women, the Fresno County Republican Women, the American Legion Auxiliary, and the Fresno County Right to Life.

Mr. Speaker, I rise today to recognize Maxine Machado for receiving the 2002 Common Threads Awards. I invite my colleagues to join me in commending Maxine for her commitment to community service and agriculture and in wishing her many years of continued success.