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Honoring Mr. Oscar Peterslie As Wisconsin’S Outstanding Older Worker

Under a previous order of the House, the gentleman from Wisconsin (Mr. Kind) is recognized for 5 minutes.

Rep. Ron Kind

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Mr. Speaker, tonight I rise to honor my good friend Oscar Peterslie who received the Outstanding Older Worker award in the State of Wisconsin for 2003 by the Experience Works Prime Time Awards Program. Experience Works, a nonprofit focused on employment, training and community services for older workers, began the Prime Time Awards Program 6 years ago, and Oscar is the first winner from La Crosse, Wisconsin.

I applaud Oscar who, at the age of 81, currently works more than 40 hours per week as an assistant manager for the Pearl Ice Cream Parlor at 207 Pearl Street in La Crosse, Wisconsin. The La Crosse community is fortunate to have an old-fashioned ice cream parlor such as Pearl's. I cannot think of a better place to bring my two sons, Johnny and Matthew, on a warm summer evening to enjoy their special homemade ice cream and candy.

Oscar, his son TJ, daughter-in-law Michelle and their daughters always offer a warm greeting to customers that walk through their door. Moreover, for several years I have had the pleasure of living down the block from the ice cream parlor on historic Pearl Street, allowing me to frequently stop over for my favorite homemade chocolate ice cream, a convenience that has put considerable pressure on my belt line.

The work that Oscar, TJ, and Michelle do in the La Crosse community helps make western Wisconsin a special place to live and to raise a family.

In addition to Oscar's work at the ice cream parlor, he has contributed significantly to our country and local businesses in Wisconsin. During World War II, he was a Marine sergeant in the Pacific Theater. After the war, he managed the A & P grocery store in La Crosse for 21 years and then became a real estate agent until 1993.

It is apparent that service to our community has always been important to Oscar Peterslie. He remains active in numerous community activities and services as a member of the La Crosse Masonic Temple, Badger Lodge number 345. He is also widely known as a Shriner's clown, brightening the faces of both young and old as he works the parades with his infamous 3-foot harmonica.

Mr. Speaker, may everyone learn from the service and dedication shown by this noble and honorable man, Oscar Peterslie, Wisconsin's Outstanding Older Worker for 2003. Oscar has made a difference in the La Crosse community and created a chocolate ice cream addiction I do not think I will ever be able to break.