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Congratulating John H. Bryan Of Chicago

Rep. Rahm Emanuel

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Mr. Speaker, I rise today to congratulate my friend John H. Bryan of Chicago on being presented the Restore America Hero Award by the National Trust for Historic Preservation, Save America's Treasures, and Home & Garden Television at their Second Annual Preservation Gala.

Mr. Bryan epitomizes the principles on which this award is bestowed. His meaningful involvement to maintain America's historic and cultural treasures provides future generations the opportunity to experience American history. Mr. Bryan continues to distinguish himself through his relentless commitment and leadership to the preservation of historic American landmarks.

While Mr. Bryan is a Mississippi native, he has spent much of his time in Chicago, serving as the Chairman and CEO of the Sara Lee Corporation. It was in these positions that he helped instill the value of community involvement into the corporate world. Mr. Bryan, changed the paradigm of Sara Lee, creating the notion that it was in the best interest of the company and society at large for a business to involve itself in the community. The result at Sara Lee is a community of people that enjoy volunteering with civic and social organizations. Sara Lee additionally donates five percent of its net income to charities.

Mr. Bryan also sits on the board of Goldman Sachs, Bank One Corporation, British Petroleum, and General Motors where his vision and leadership are recognized as essential assets to company and community growth.

Mr. Bryan has also donated tremendous amount of time and energy to the arts. He is affiliated with many non-profit organizations and has had the opportunity to serve as a trustee of the University of Chicago and Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Art Institute of Chicago.

Because of his appreciation and love of Chicago, Mr. Bryan was appointed to the Board of Directors of Millennium Park by Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley. In this role Mr. Bryan has worked to change the urban landscape of Chicago, by dedicating his time to developing this uniquely Chicago treasure. Under his guidance, $200 million, or one half of the funding needed to erect the park, was raised from Chicago's business community. Mr. Bryan was able to communicate to these two groups that the opportunity to create a lasting legacy in Chicago was in their hands.

Mr. Speaker, on behalf of the people of the Fifth Congressional District of Illinois and indeed all of Chicago, I am privileged to congratulate John H. Bryan, one of Chicago's great benefactors, on receiving the Restore America Hero Award and recognize the National Trust for Historic Preservation, Save America's Treasures, and Home & Garden Television for bestowing this award on such an admirable recipient. I wish him, his wife, and their four children continued happiness and success in the future.