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Tribute To Warren G. Harding High School Marching Band

Rep. Tim Ryan

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Mr. Speaker, my remarks today are to pay tribute to the Warren G. Harding High School ``Raider'' Marching Band from Warren, Ohio.

On November 25th, Thanksgiving Day, 2004, the ``Raider'' Marching Band represented Ohio's 17th District as it marched down Broadway in midtown Manhattan during the 78th Annual Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. The ``Raider'' Band was one out of 10 bands to be selected nationwide out of approximately 500 applicants annually. With 201 members strong, the band played ``On Broadway'' as it stopped in Herald Square to showcase its talent for the millions of onlookers and viewers at home. The event was aired live on NBC Thanksgiving Day.

Lynn G. Marlin is the Director of Bands at Warren G. Harding High School. A graduate from the Youngstown State University's Dana School of Music in Youngstown, Ohio, and Marygrove College in Detroit, she has been leading and instructing the band for 10 years and has been teaching for 30 years. Richard J. Rollo is the assistant Director of the Bands and also the head of the jazz department where he has been teaching for 22 years. He is an alumnus of Youngstown State University and Vandercook College of Music in Chicago. The percussion instructor is Mr. Kevin Kifer, majorette instructors are Nicole Horner and Amy Namola, and the ``Raider'' flag line instructors are Erika Campolito and Nikki Wynn.

In addition to outstanding musical accomplishment, the ``Raider'' Marching Band shows great strides toward high academic achievement. This year's winner of the Bob Hope/Macy's Foundation Band Scholarship is Aaron Baer, a senior at Warren G. Harding High School. Each band in the parade selected one student who best represented all of the great qualities of Bob Hope including leadership, musical talent, humor, and activeness in community service. Mr. Baer was selected by the ``Raider'' band and represented Warren G. Harding in the scholarship competition, winning a $5,000 scholarship based on an essay he submitted. The Bob Hope/Macy's Foundation also donated $5,000 to the ``Raider'' Band.

Students who participated in the 78th Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade:

Tanasha Alexander, Noora Alie, Alicia Allen, Ariel Austin, Aaron Baer, Doug Baker, Beth Balas, Loryn Baldwin, Desa Banish, Kristen Banks, Ashlee Barksdale, Sarah Beitzel, Terrance Belser, Tern Belser, Taryn Benson, Jessica Benson, Amy Binko, Leracia Blalock, Joanna Bland, Rheadus Bland, Carin Boros, Frank Bosak, Daniel Bozek, Shala Brantley, Jazzmon Britton, Tim Brogdon, Jessica Brown, LaSheana Brown, Ashley Browning, Jessica Browning, James Brutz, Jordan Butler, Brittany Caimona, Vicki Capranica, Monique Carducci, Christopher Cargill, Justin Cargill, Samuel Carr, Jamie Carter, Meghan Caswell, Brieanna Catheline, Megan Chambers, Ryan Chambers, Stephen Chappell, Daniel Clever, Joey Cluckey, Bethany Clucky, Ashley Coleman, Kendra Coleman, Lamar Coleman, Angela Collazo, Amanda Comanescu, Chelsea Comanescu, Greg Dailey, Avery Danage, Zack Darno, James Davis, Matthew Davis, Dominique DeSanti, Savontae Diggs, Brittany Dowe, Stephen Drake, Dennis Drummond, Chris Dudley, Elissa Dukes, Matthew Dukes, Shani Dukes, Jessica Dunewood, Marcella Economos, Dillon Fishel, Megan Fishel, Gina Fisher, Meranda Gedded, Alycia Geddes, Gerry Gianoutos, Lindsey Glenn, Rickisha Goliday, Ciearra Grubbs, Autumn Hall, Chasity Hall, Patricia Hampton, Aron Hamrick, Courtney Harrel, Brian Harris, Krystyne Harris, Pasha Harris, Wil Harris, Mandy Hawkins, Camille Heller, Jordan Hice, Stephanie Horkey, Alicia Howard, Kaitlynne Hummel, Mark Hummell, Sara Hummell, Brittany Jackson, Jeremy Johnson, Tiara Jones, Alysha Joseph, Brittany Joseph, Tommy Kearns, Janelle Kellar, Brandon Kingery, Angela Knepper, Deanna Kuzenko, Justin Kuptz, Caritta Lewis, Amanda Lichty, Alexandria Limperos, Ebony Liptrot, Ricky Logan, Victoria Lopez, Ray Marchek, Thomas Mason, Jasmine Mauzy, Kellie McAllister, Tyecchia McBride, Marc McCarty, Brittany McDaniel, Jessica McDougal, Robert McIver, Meghan Mckenzie, Tabbitha Merten, Kiera Moore, Tonya Mocella, Sarah Moreton, Elizabeth Mosly, Donald Motley, Justin Mullet, Tabbitha Murphy, Vinitra Murray, Tzoulie Niforos, Nicole Oller, Ayla Oliver, Caullen Owens, Anna Patsy, Gino Pennachio, Kristie Perricellia, Justin Peters, Brittany Phillips, Josh Phillips, Christina Pingley, Tori Piper, Keisha Pugh, Robert Ragland, Adam Reed, Sarah Riffle, Cory Rihel, Andy Rodgers, Melissa Rodriguez, Tiyauna Rudd, Megan Rupert, Rashanna Russ, Samantha Schaab, Michelle Seawood; Melissa Seawood, Charles Seay, Sophia Sebben, Krysta Simpson, Kelly Smith, Kayla Sparks, Sara Stainislaw, Brittany Stargell, Rachel Starr, Angela Stawiski, Anne Stewart, Erin Straniak, Maureen Sweet, Caleb Tatebe, Kiwanna Taylor, Michael Thomas, Kaycee Thompson, Matt Thompson, Carrie Turner, Rochelle Vinson, Alexandria Walker, Greg Walker, Jacque Walker, Dan Westover, Cara White, Gary White, Carie Whoreton, Daivon Williams, David Wilson, Alyssa Wolcott, Peter Wyndam, Tiffany Wynn, Yang Xu, Collin Yarnel, Mark Yauger II, Annette York, Christopher Younger.