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A Tribute To Willard D. Small

Rep. Mike McIntyre

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Mr. Speaker, I rise today to pay tribute to Mr. Willard D. Small of Fair Bluff, North Carolina for his 48 years of service as councilman to the citizens of Fair Bluff in Columbus County. Mr. Small's tenure as councilman is the longest in North Carolina, and his work has made a tremendous difference in the town and the community.

Samuel Logan Bringle, the legendary leader in the Salvation Army, once said some very important words that reflect the character and life of Willard Small. He said, ``The final estimate of a man will show that history cares not one iota about the title he has carried or the rank he has borne, but only about the quality of his deeds and the character of his heart.'' Indeed, Willard has reflected this through his sacrifice and commitment.

From his service as the Fair Bluff Town Councilman to local businessman to Director for the Cape Fear Farm Credit to Trustee for both Southeastern Community College and Campbell University to member of the Columbus County Economic Development Commission to active member of the Fair Bluff Baptist Church to devoted husband, father, and friend, Willard Small has truly been a foundation on which Fair Bluff and Columbus County have continued to thrive. Service to others has been the embodiment of his life--service that sets a path for others to follow and that we all should emulate.

As we celebrate Presidents' Day this month, let each of us remember the words of a great President, Thomas Jefferson, who said, ``To do our fellow man the most good, we must lead where we can, follow where we cannot, and still go with him, always watching for that favorable moment to help him another step forward!''

We thank Willard, on behalf of the citizens of Fair Bluff, Columbus County, and the State of North Carolina, for always looking for that favorable moment and for always helping his fellow citizens. May God's strength, joy and peace be with him always.