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Honoring Brandon Hobon

Rep. Michael C. Burgess

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Mr. Speaker, I rise today to honor the service and commitment of Mr. Brandon Hobon. Mr. Hobon has established himself as a leader and true patriot to the community of Denton, Texas.

Mr. Hobon was recently recognized by the Denton Police Department as ``Volunteer Officer of the Year.'' After serving in the police department for 11 years, Hobon has received one of the department's most prestigious honors.

After graduating from college with a pre-law degree, Hobon turned down a bright future as a lawyer to better serve and protect his community. After graduation, Brandon Hobon entered the police academy where he finished second in his class, and earned advanced certifications and credentials in crime prevention, hazardous material response and terrorism training. In addition to serving and protecting our citizens, Mr. Hobon dedicates considerable amount of time mentoring young school children, and visiting and assisting in senior citizen programs.

It is with great honor that I stand here today to recognize an individual who has dedicated his life to protecting and assisting others. It is with the service and commitment of men such as Brandon Hobon that ensure the continuing protection and prominence of our communities and nation.