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Honoring City Tile And Floor Covering Company’S 50 Years In Business

Rep. Bart Gordon

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Madam Speaker, I rise today to congratulate Doug Young and City Tile and Floor Covering Company on its 50th anniversary. The Murfreesboro, Tennessee, store began with fewer than five staff and now has about 20 employees and 30 subcontractors.

Doug's father, Andrew Young, was a partner in the business and brought Doug in as a partner shortly before he passed away. In 1978, after college and a tour in the U.S. Army, Doug became the sole proprietor of the business while in his late 20s.

Today, Doug's son, Andrew; brother, Rule; and son-in-law, Jerry Clark, are future partners-in-training. Doug says the tremendous amount of trust that exists in having a family business is the way to go. That trust exists not only inside the business, but also for City Tile and Floor Covering Company customers, as well. Doug's family has provided any type of flooring you can imagine for current generations, their parents and grandparents.

Doug lived down the street from me as we were growing up, so I have had the opportunity to watch and admire as Doug has developed his business and raised his family. Doug, I wish you and your family business many more happy milestones.