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125Th Anniversary Of Christine, North Dakota

Sen. Kent Conrad

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Madam President, I am pleased to honor a community in North Dakota that recently celebrated itsy 125th anniversary. On July 26, the residents of Christine gathered to celebrate their community's history and founding.

Christine is a small town located in Richland County in southeastern North Dakota between the Red River and Wild Rice River. The post office was established November 17, 1884, in the general stored owned by John Munger. Settled by Scandinavians, Christine was named for the Swedish operatic soprano, Christine Nilsson. The Chicago, Milwaukee and St. Paul Railroad built a depot at Christine in 1886.

Today, Christine remains a proud community that has a prosperous economy consisting of farming. The Christine community center is a valuable asset that provides a place for the citizens to gather. Residents of Christine are known for their honesty, strong work ethic, and living off the land.

The community had a wonderful weekend celebration to commemorate its 125th anniversary. Residents began the celebration with a breakfast served by Christine Church at the community center. There was also a parade, a carnival, a presentation of Christine's history, and a dedication of the community center. The evening ended with a city meal and dance with music from the Plow Boys.

Madam President, I ask the Senate to join me in congratulating Christine, ND, and its residents on their 125th anniversary and in wishing them well in the future. By honoring Christine and all the other historic towns of North Dakota, we keep the pioneering frontier spirit alive for future generations. It is places such as Christine that have helped shape this country into what it is today, which is why this community is deserving of our recognition.

Christine has a proud past and a bright future.