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Volusia Honor Air Guardians

Rep. John L. Mica

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Madam Speaker, today, September 27, 2008, 100 Volusia County veterans from the Second World War visited our Nation's Capital as part of the Honor Air program. The trip was made possible through the Rotary Clubs of Volusia County and with the support of sponsors and the 49 Guardian escorts.

It is my pleasure to assist in hosting the veterans during their visit to our Nation's Capital. This morning they will visit the World War II Memorial to pay tribute to their fellow patriots. This is the first visit for most of the servicemen, and it will be a moving occasion. I look forward to visiting with these heroes as they stand among the stone columns, fountains, and pools that comprise the Memorial.

This afternoon, the Volusia veterans will pay their respects at Arlington National Cemetery. Veteran leaders and I will have the privilege of laying a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknowns in a solemn tribute to those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice for our nation. The day will conclude with visits to the Woman in Services Memorial, the Korean War Memorial, the Vietnam Memorial and the Iwo Jima Memorial.

As the Congressman from Florida's Seventh Congressional District, it is my honor to play a part in our Volusia County heroes' visit. I ask that the U.S. House of Representatives join me in expressing our appreciation to the 49 Guardians, who through a sense of duty and at personal expense will escort the World War II veterans on this memorable day.

The September 27, 2008 Volusia Honor Air Guardians included: Robert Blackwell, Floyd Brewer III, Bernadette Britz- Parker, Frank Coe, Linda Edwards, Howard Fisher, Raymond Fletcher, Robert Gast, Wayne Gordin, John Harting, Todd Heffington, Angela Heffington, Sharon Hill, Victor Hindery, David Hinshaw, James Houck, Francis Irza, Barbara Irza, Mathew Jemison, James Jemison, Jeffrey Lau, Charles Matousek, William McGhee, Kenneth Naser, Patti Ostermann, Charles Paiva, Daniel Parker, Christopher Rego, Diana Santos, Robert Sullivan, Lorraine Sullivan, Daniel Thorne, Walter White, Jr., Bonita Winn, Michael Brooks, Geof Felton, Dave Brannon, Gloria Denston, Judith Hensley, John Hill, Raymond Heffington, Derek Mears, Robert Apgar, Phillip Martin, Roger Baumgartner, Leslye Lorenz, Timothy Biggs, Edward Malloy, Morgan Gilreath.