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Tribute To Charles “Chuck” Beeman

Rep. Joe Baca

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Madam Speaker, I stand here today to honor a loving father, loyal husband, adoring grandfather, Charles ``Chuck'' Beeman.

Born in Clovis, New Mexico, his family moved to San Bernardino, California where he grew up to become a longstanding, influential member of the community. Having graduated from San Bernardino High School in 1950, Chuck received a track scholarship to attend USC. However, it was his thirst for education that made him truly shine as he earned a doctorate in pharmacy from USC in 1956.

In addition to serving in the Army and the Army Reserve, Chuck became a successful businessman, opening Beeman's Pharmacy at St. Bernardine Medical Center in 1963. At the same time, he continued working at Krause Pharmacy on North E Street. In 1971, Chuck expanded his business by opening a second Beeman's Pharmacy across the street in 1971. However, his passion and concern for the community reached beyond his place of work as he was a strong advocate for higher education.

Appointed to the San Bernardino Community College District board in 1983, Chuck served until November 2008. Having served for twelve years together on the board, I always respected his leadership and dedication to the community. Through our bipartisan efforts, we were always very supportive of one another. Together, we were successful in helping implement the first Hispanic President of sister schools San Bernardino Valley College and Crafton Hills College. We also were instrumental in securing funding from public and private partnership in order to reinstitute the wrestling program at San Bernardino Valley College.

Survived by his wife, Janice, his memory will also be carried on by his children Christopher Beeman, Beth Beeman Dorado, Roland ``Scott'' Beeman and Gary Beeman; his brother; Jerry Beeman; his sister, Lois Waugh; and Chuck's loving twelve grandchildren.

As a longtime colleague and friend of Chuck's, I'll always remember his love for model car racing and though new to the game, a great golfer as well. At the last San Bernardino Community College meeting in December where we were celebrating his contribution to the District, I appreciated the mention that we can now add a 78 for his best round of golf to Chuck's long list of accomplishments.

I would like to express my greatest sympathies for his family's loss. Let us take a moment to remember this great man and his admirable dedication to instilling positive change and leading an exemplary life, one whose footsteps we all hope to follow. The thoughts and prayers of my wife Barbara, my family and I are with his family at this time.

God Bless Charles ``Chuck'' Beeman for love of country and mankind.