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Honoring Sheryl Berry

Rep. George P. Radanovich

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Madam Speaker, I rise today to commend and congratulate Sheryl Berry upon being named by the Madera District Chamber of Commerce as a 2009 Lifetime Achievement Award Honoree. Mrs. Berry was recognized on Wednesday, August 26, 2009 at the Fifth Annual Lifetime Achievement Awards and Installation Dinner.

Sheryl Berry was born at Dearborn Hospital in Madera, California to Bob and Merrill Howe. During her childhood she was surrounded by her brothers and cousins. Work and community service began at a young age for Mrs. Berry. At five years old, she became a member of Camp Fire and she had her first job at the age of eight, licking postage stamps at the family-owned business, TECO. She graduated from Madera Union High School and attended Fresno State.

Mrs. Berry has dedicated her entire life to family, career and community. As a worker for the family business, TECO, she became known for her high business standards, strong sense of loyalty to the customers and further creating a highly successful business. After forty years, Mrs. Berry retired from managing the business, allowing her to spend even more time in the community and with her family.

The Camp Fire experience was a lasting commitment for Mrs. Berry. She continued with the organization through her high school years. In 1971 she became an active member of Algeria Guild for Children's Hospital Central California, where she served as treasurer, secretary and president in 1976. She remains an active member of the guild and recently received her thirty-five year pin. As her children were growing up, they became involved with 4-H and Mrs. Berry was right along with them, as the boys began their own beef cattle projects. She served as the project leader for eighteen years in the areas of citizenship, cultural exchange, outdoor camping and sewing. Mrs. Berry also served as the 4-H Co-Camp Director for ten years.

In 1985 Mrs. Berry became involved with the Madera County Historical Society, where she is the current president and has maintained that position for ten years. Through her involvement with the Historical Society, she became involved with the Madera Method Wagon Train. She has traveled trails with the Wagon Train through the Madera County foothills, to Stockton, California and to Houston, Texas.

For her community activities, Mrs. Berry has received multiple awards and honors including, the 1987 4-H ``Outstanding Community Club Leader,'' Madera District Fair 1988 ``Homemaker of the Year,'' California State University, Fresno Ag One ``Women in Agriculture, Common Thread Award'' in 2000 and the Madera County Historical Society ``Presidential Fume Award'' in 2005. Mrs. Berry has a life long history of working to create a better community in Madera.

She has four sons and eleven grandchildren.

Madam Speaker, I rise today to commend and congratulate Sheryl Berry upon being honored with the Madera Chamber of Commerce 2009 Lifetime Achievement Award. I invite my colleagues to join me in wishing Mrs. Berry many years of continued success.