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Nadine Gulit And “Operation Support Our Troops”

Rep. Dave Reichert

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Madam Speaker, I rise today in honor of the co-founder of an organization that provided comfort and support for thousands upon thousands of our brave service men and women.

For nearly eight years, Nadine Gulit has freely given nearly all her time to support and run ``Operation Support our Troops.'' Whenever I hold Veterans Fair's in my district, the 8th of Washington, or attend veterans or service member rallies, Nadine is always present. Providing aid and comfort to our brave soldiers was the work of her heart and soul and she poured 100 percent of both into ``Operation Support Our Troops.''

As the story goes, Operation Support Our Troops started after Nadine's daughter Sheryl Sheaffer received a message from her son Scott serving in Iraq. At that point, Nadine and Sheryl were active in a grassroots organization called ``Operation Home Front,'' a support our troops grassroots effort. But after receiving Scott's call, Sheryl and Nadine took supporting our troops to a new level.

``Operation Support Our Troops'' has held many, many rallies in support of service members around Western Washington and is in regular contact with thousands of military supporters around the State. ``Operation Support Our Troops'' has sent care packages to tens of thousands of our soldiers at a time and has touched the lives of many more.

Nadine's family has a long history of service to this country and a deep respect for the work our soldiers do at home and abroad. Nadine and her group have been honored and recognized for their tireless efforts before, and I felt strongly I needed to add my name to the list. Their contributions will be missed but they have provided a blueprint for patriotic Americans to follow.

On November 5, Specialist Aaron Aamot--a 22-year-old soldier from Custer, Washington--was killed in Afghanistan by an IED. His father Mark, reflecting on his son's death and the outpouring of support from his community and country, quoted 19th century French historian Alexis de Tocqueville: ``America is great because she is good, and if America ever ceases to be good, she will cease to be great.'' Madam Speaker, Nadine is the kind of American de Tocqueville was talking about. She is good and people like her continue to make America great.