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Recognizing The 150Th Anniversary Of The Village Of Odin

Rep. John Shimkus

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Madam Speaker, today I rise to recognize the village of Odin, Illinois, as they celebrate their 150th anniversary.

The village was founded in 1860 near the construction of the Atlantic, Mississippi and Ohio Railroad and the Illinois Central Railroad by Thomas Deadmond, Silas Barr, Samuel McClelland, James Adams, Thomas Pigg and John Hill. The strong character, respect and honesty possessed by these founding fathers are traits still held by Odin's citizens today.

The village of Odin has made a significant impact in the history of Illinois, despite its small size. This thriving mining community has supplied coal that powers the state of Illinois and specifically University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. It has also produced teachers, doctors, attorneys and leaders benefiting both the village and the state.

I would like to congratulate the village of Odin and all of its citizens as they mark 150 years of accomplishments and wish them continued success and prosperity in the years to come.