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Tribute To Dr. Joseph M. Norbeck

Rep. Ken Calvert

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Mr. Speaker, I rise today to honor and pay tribute to an individual whose dedication and contributions to the campus of the University of California at Riverside, and the science community, has been extraordinary. UCR has been fortunate to have dynamic and dedicated professors who willingly and unselfishly give their time and talent to, not only educate their students, but also pioneer new advances in the fields of science and technology. Dr. Joe Norbeck is one of these individuals. Today, a retirement celebration in honor of Dr. Norbeck is being held at the Bourns College of Engineering, the Center for Environmental Research & Technology (CE-CERT).

In 1970, Dr. Norbeck earned his B.S. in Chemistry from the University of Nebraska and four years later earned his Ph.D. in Theoretical Chemistry from the same institution. He joined the University of California, Riverside, in January 1992 after working as head of the Chemistry Department, Research Staff, at the Ford Motor Company. Dr. Norbeck heads the UCR Environmental Research Institute and is the Yeager Families Professor of Environmental Engineering. His is also the former Director of CE-CERT.

Dr. Norbeck has published more than seventy-five papers in theoretical chemistry, atmospheric modeling, vehicle emissions, and advanced vehicle technology. His most recent research included the relationship between vehicle emissions and air quality, development of renewable fuels, and development of advanced vehicle technology.

Dr. Norbeck was elected a Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science in 1999. He received the South Coast Air Quality Management District Clean Air Award in 1995, the Valley Group Award in 1997 for Excellence in Environment and Research, and was elected as local leader for the City of Riverside and received the Regional Leader of the Year Award in 1998. He has held a gubernatorial appointment as an Air Quality Expert on the California Inspection/Maintenance Review Committee and is a member of several other committees including the Cal/EPA Environmental Technology Partnership Task Force, the Executive Research Advisory Committee of the Society of Automotive Engineers, and Scientific Review Committee for the South Coast Air Quality Management District.

In light of all Dr. Norbeck has done for the U.C. Riverside, our community, the region and the state, we wish him the very best as he moves onto the next stage of his life. Dr. Norbecks' tireless passion for learning and education has contributed immensely to the betterment of U.C. Riverside and its students. His contributions in the fields of chemistry, emissions and air quality have been extraordinary and I am proud to call him a fellow community member, American and friend. I know that many fellow educators, community leaders, students and many others are grateful for his service and salute him as he retires from