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Recognizing The National Ground Water Association

Rep. Pat Tiberi

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Mr. Speaker, it is a pleasure for me to recognize the efforts of the National Ground Water Association (NGWA), which is headquartered in my district in Westerville, Ohio. NGWA is sponsoring National Ground Water Awareness Week which began on March 6. Each year, this event puts the national spotlight on a critically important issue, the preservation and protection of groundwater for human and environmental purposes.

National Ground Water Awareness Week is the pinnacle of NGWA's year-round effort to educate the public about proper groundwater and water well stewardship. For private household well owners, stewardship includes regularly testing their well water quality and treating it if necessary. An estimated 95 percent of America's available fresh water is in the form of groundwater.

NGWA is a nonprofit organization composed of more than 12,000 U.S. and international groundwater professionals--contractors, equipment manufacturers, suppliers, scientists, and engineers--is dedicated to advancing groundwater knowledge. NGWA's vision is to be the leading groundwater association that advocates the responsible development, management, and use of water.

Association members will be using Ground Water Awareness Week to participate in a variety of activities and events. I want to thank them for their efforts to preserve, protect and safely utilize this most valuable resource.