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Congratulating Linda Elliot

Rep. Ed Pastor

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Mr. Speaker, I ask my colleagues to join me in congratulating Linda Elliot, a loyal and committed LGBT rights advocate, who will receive the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) Arizona Individual Equality Award on March 19, 2011. She is truly deserving of this unique honor, and we recognize her many contributions in addressing issues affecting Arizona's LGBT community.

Ms. Elliot's commitment to HRC is commendable, and will soon be marked by 20 years of service to this organization. Throughout her tenure, Ms. Elliot has served in a variety of diverse roles, including her most recent position as the National Co-Chair for the HRC Board of Director's Public Policy Committee. In this capacity, Ms. Elliot and her fellow committee members have helped achieve a series of accomplishments for the LGBT movement, including hate crimes legislation, the repeal of Don't Ask Don't Tell, and other gains related to the Employment Non-Discrimination Act and gender rights.

Ms. Elliot should also be congratulated for her efforts as a founding member of two HRC chapters in Phoenix and Denver, and for her dedicated membership on a host of community boards and steering committees, including Arizona's Southwest Center for HIV/AIDS, the One-Voice Community Center, the ``No On Prop 107'' steering committee, and the Colorado AIDS Project.

Ms. Elliot has maintained a constant presence in the community she serves, encouraging and inspiring the involvement and participation of numerous other LGBT activists in Arizona.

Personally, I also want to thank Linda for her continued friendship and support, which she has generously offered to me throughout the years.

In considering all of these achievements, I ask that you join me in recognizing Linda Elliot for her tireless advocacy efforts and offer her sincere congratulations upon acceptance of her laudable award.