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Ongoing Violence In Syria

(Mr. PETERS asked and was given permission to address the House for 1 minute.)

Sen. Gary Peters

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Mr. Speaker, I rise today to strongly condemn the Syrian regime's recent hostility towards both the United States and the Syrian people. The courageous visit by U.S. Ambassador Robert Ford to Hama, the site of massive antiregime protests, demonstrates that the United States stands by those who advocate for democracy and freedom.

Days after Ford's visit, the American Embassy in Damascus endured several violent pro-regime demonstrations, resulting in considerable damage. Had the Syrian security forces acknowledged their international obligations, these rioters in support of President Assad would not have been able to approach the embassy. By responding poorly, Assad has conveyed disrespect towards the United States.

I applaud Secretary of State Clinton's recent tough stance toward Assad, declaring that his regime ``has lost legitimacy.''

Time and time again, Assad, like his father before him, has turned to arresting, torturing, and killing anyone who would stand in the way of his tyranny. Therefore, with the best interests of the Syrian people in mind, I call on President Assad to resign as President.