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Welcoming The Honorable Mark Amodei To The House Of Representatives

Without objection, the gentlewoman from Nevada (Ms. Berkley) is recognized for 1 minute.

There was no objection.

Rep. Shelley Berkley

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Mr. Speaker, it is my great pleasure to welcome Representative Amodei to Congress. Our new colleague is a native son of Nevada and a graduate of the University of Nevada, where he served in the ROTC program and later served on active duty in the Army, first in artillery and then as a JAG officer.

He has worked for the people of Nevada for many years as an assemblyman and as a member of the State Senate. I look forward to working with the gentleman as we represent the citizens of the great State of Nevada.

I now yield to my colleague and friend, Representative Heck.

Rep. Joe Heck

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I thank the gentlelady for yielding.

I too want to offer my congratulations to Mark Amodei. I had the honor of serving alongside him in the State Senate, where he distinguished himself as president pro tempore and a member of the Natural Resources Committee, where he was the go-to guy on a lot of issues important to Nevada regarding water laws, grazing rights, and public lands issues. He's a fellow veteran. It's an honor to have him here. I wish him well, and I ask the entire House to welcome here as well.

Rep. Shelley Berkley

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Mr. Speaker, I now yield to the gentleman from Nevada, Representative Mark Amodei.

The gentleman from Nevada is recognized.

Thank you, Mr. Speaker.

Thank you, brand new colleagues, for your courtesies. I will endeavor to do the best I can to bring honor to this House and help you with the work that we have to do.

I was told that the longer you talk, the less popular you are; so I yield back my time.

Thank you very much.