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In Recognition Of The Canon City Noon Lions In Honor Of Their 90Th Anniversary

Rep. Doug Lamborn

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Mr. Speaker, I rise today to pay tribute to the 90th Anniversary of the Canon City Noon Lions Club in my district in Colorado. For Ninety years, the Noon Lions have been dedicated to providing aid and assistance to the needy and less fortunate in their community. During the Lions Club International Campaign Sight First II, the Noon Lions were one of five Model Clubs within the state of Colorado raising over $32,000 for the program. This program helps under-privileged children from all over the world get much needed eye exams and medications. Last December, the Noon Lions raised over $3,000 in a ``Cash for Christmas'' raffle in order to pay for appointments and surgery for a young girl with Amblyopic eye condition and a man with cataracts.

The Canon City Noon Lions are dedicated to serving their community and the wider world. Ever since they started in the basement of a local YMCA building on November 22, 1921, the Noon Lions have tirelessly devoted their time, effort, and energy to fighting blindness, combating hunger, and aiding seniors and the disabled. With the introduction of the ``Sight First'' program the Noon Lions have screened the eyes of more than 5,000 children within their community and surrounding area. The Noon Lions look back at their legacy of community service with an eye on the future and on the service they will be a part of in strengthening their community. I am proud of the work they have done my district and I offer them my most sincere congratulations on their 90th anniversary.