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Tribute To Jack King

Sen. Dianne Feinstein

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Mr. President, on behalf of myself and Senator Boxer, I join my colleagues in the House of Representatives, including Mr. Costa, Mr. Lungren, Mr. Cardoza, Mr. Farr, Mr. Denham, Ms. Richardson, Mr. Baca, Mr. Herger, Mrs. Capps, Mr. Filner, Ms. Lofgren, Ms. Matsui, Mr. Nunes, Mr. McNerney, Mr. Thompson, Mr. Schiff, Ms. Lee, Ms. Loretta Sanchez, Ms. Eshoo, Ms. Chu, Ms. Speier, Ms. Linda Sanchez, Mr. Becerra, Ms. Hahn, Mr. Sherman, Mr. Honda, Mr. McClintock, and Mr. Calvert, to pay tribute to Mr. Jack King on the occasion of his retirement from the California Farm Bureau Federation. For more than 35 years, Jack King has worked on behalf of our Nation's farmers and ranchers to ensure that they have a voice in our Nation's capital. His passion for agriculture has made him a strong and effective advocate for the American Farm Bureau Federation and the California Farm Bureau Federation.

Growing up on a dairy farm in Wisconsin taught Jack the value of hard work, and the important role agriculture plays in America--specifically when it comes to feeding and clothing our families and supporting our economy. Upon graduating from the University of Wisconsin, Jack began his career in agriculture with the university's cooperative extension office. Jack then went on to work for the Wisconsin Council of Agricultural Cooperatives and the Wisconsin Council of Agriculture. In 1973, Jack ventured west and joined the California Farm Bureau Federation as assistant manager of the information division.

Jack expanded his work with the Farm Bureau, and in 1985, he became news services director for the American Farm Bureau Federation. Based in Illinois, Jack managed internal and external communications and often worked in conjunction with the Washington, D.C. office to ensure that legislators were connected with farmers and ranchers. In 1994, Jack returned to California to serve as manager of the California Farm Bureau Federation's National Affairs Division. He served as a direct link between farmers, ranchers, and Members of Congress.

Jack's tremendous contributions and dedication can be measured in a number of ways. Notably, Jack made approximately 200 trips to Washington, D.C. His deep commitment was based in his belief that legislators needed to hear directly from farmers and ranchers in order to understand their contributions and the difficulties they face. Specifically, Jack has been dedicated to working on comprehensive immigration reform, natural resource regulations, and renewable energy.

Of course none of these accomplishments would be possible without the love and support of Jack's wife, Mary Ann; their sons, Carl, David and Bryan; and two grandchildren.

We ask our colleagues to join us in recognizing Jack King's enthusiasm and work ethic. His devotion and loyalty to our Nation's farmers and ranchers make him a source of pride for our community, State and Nation. We thank Jack for his work on behalf of farmers and ranchers in California and all across the country, and wish him well in retirement.