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Recognizing Mrs. Gertrude L. Mallett For Her Unwavering Commitment To Horticulture

Rep. Bennie Thompson

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Mr. Speaker, I rise today to honor a valued member of our society, Mrs. Gertrude L. Mallett. Mrs. Mallett is a conservationist and agriculturalist from Hinds County, Mississippi. Her wisdom and sincere affection for everyone leaves everlasting impressions.

Born December 18, 1919, she is the widow of Frank Mallett and mother to their six children. Mr. and Mrs. Mallett believed in God, family, and hard work and raised their children to believe in such.

The Mallett family is proprietor of roughly 200 acres of land in Hinds County, Mississippi, where they raise and harvest cattle, corn and cotton.

Up until 1995, when Mrs. Mallet obtained her General Education Diploma from Hinds Community College in 1995 at the age of 75, she had only attained an 8th grade education.

Today, at 92 years of age, Mrs. Mallett remains active; she advises the day-to-day farm operations of their family farm in addition to maintaining her annual garden. Mrs. Mallett is an all around craftsman and self-taught ceramicist. She crafts quilts and crochets in addition to other handiworks.

Mrs. Mallett is a servant to God and faithful steward of Saint John's Missionary Baptist Church. She taught Sunday school for over 30 years, served as the church secretary for more than 50 years and still remains active in the church.

Mr. Speaker, I ask my colleagues to join me in recognizing Mrs. Gertrude L. Mallet for her unwavering commitment to horticulture.