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Welcoming Delta Sorority To Capitol Hill

(Mr. RANGEL asked and was given permission to address the House for 1 minute.)

Rep. Charles B. Rangel

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Mr. Speaker, today Members of Congress and others will see a thousand women of color visiting all of our offices. They call themselves the Delta Sorority. Here the leadership is provided by Judge Fudge as they come close to celebrating their 100th anniversary.

They have a legislative agenda, a community agenda, a civic agenda; and one of the things that they like to point out is that today we recognize the terrible epidemic of AIDS and HIV problems we have with blood. We hope that we learn to educate more people about the danger of AIDS, that we provide better treatment, and even better than that, that we avoid it by having preventive measures so it doesn't happen at all.

Also on their agenda is making certain that the payroll deductions for working poor people are extended, as is unemployment compensation, which is not only fiscally, but morally, the right thing to do, and that we pay our debts, pay the doctors who serve the aged.