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Lech Walesa Day In Illinois

Rep. Mike Quigley

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Mr. Speaker, today I am honored to announce that the Illinois General Assembly passed a resolution which declares February 9th to be Lech Walesa Day in Illinois. I have been honored to meet this great patriot during both of my trips to Poland, and fully support this tribute to a man who spent his life fighting for liberty and democracy.

Lech Walesa is a freedom fighter. He fought for the rights of the worker as a trade union activist in the Gdansk shipyards. He is a man who fought to lift the yoke of communism and oppression off of the Polish people and as President of Poland led them into a new age of democracy. President Walesa helped fight for the rights and freedoms of Poles past, present, and future.

President Walesa has always followed his moral compass, which led him towards freedom and democracy. Representing a district which has more than 110,000 people of Polish and Polish-American descent, it is my honor to salute a truly great world leader of the 20th century, President Lech Walesa.