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A Resolution Commemorating The 233Rd Anniversary Of The Battle Of Kettle Creek

Rep. Paul Broun

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Mr. Speaker, I rise today to commemorate the 233rd anniversary of the Battle of Kettle Creek, one of Georgia's most memorable victories during the American Revolutionary War. The battle, which took place on February 14, 1779, demonstrates the popular patriotic spirit that defined our fight for freedom, as a small group of militiamen fearlessly confronted and conquered a force twice its size.

In pursuit of Colonel John Boyd and his force of British Loyalists, Colonels Andrew Pickens, John Dooly, and Elijah Clarke led Patriot rebel forces to attack at Kettle Creek. Despite being outnumbered and far less experienced, the fearless patriots rallied and decisively won the day. They inflicted many times the casualties and took the remaining contingent as prisoners. Following this extraordinary triumph, Colonel Pickens declared, ``Kettle Creek was the severest check and chastisement the Tories ever received in South Carolina or Georgia.''

For this reason, and on the occasion of its anniversary, it is my honor to acknowledge the victory at the Battle of Kettle Creek and pay tribute to the courageous soldiers who fought on behalf of their new sovereign Nation. Furthermore, I extend my sincere appreciation to organizations such as the Washington-Wilkes Chapter Sons of the American Revolution, Kettle Creek Chapter Daughters of the American Revolution, Washington Wilkes Historical Foundation, and the Kettle Creek Battlefield Association for their efforts to discover our heritage and preserve our history for future generations.

Mr. Speaker, it is my privilege to unite with my fellow Americans as we observe this remarkable event in Georgia history and recognize the indispensable role that the Battle of Kettle Creek achieved in the American Revolution.