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Surface Transportation Act

Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison

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Madam President, I wish to comment on the remarks of the leader just a few minutes ago.

I came to talk about the budget, which I want to do, that was produced by the President. But I will say we had a vote on going to the highway bill last week and the vote was 85 to 11. So Republicans are ready to go to the highway bill.

We have talked about what a great job Senator Boxer and Senator Inhofe did in the committee, working together, to produce a bill. Senator Rockefeller and I have negotiated what is a good settlement on the Commerce part of that bill, and I think we are going to have to have separate votes on the party-line committee vote that was made in Commerce and have a compromise that I think Senator Rockefeller and I will both support going forward.

But I think we just need to get on it. It is just time to go. We don't need to stand here and talk about not being able to move. Let's move. Republicans are ready. Let's go.