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Recognizing Randella Lindsay As The 2013 Walton County, Florida School Teacher Of The Year

Rep. Jeff Miller

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Mr. Speaker, I rise today to recognize Mrs. Randella Lindsay as the 2013 Walton County, Florida School Teacher of the Year. For more than 38 years, Mrs. Lindsay has served the students of Northwest Florida, inspiring them to strive for excellence. I am honored to recognize her achievements.

Teachers are amongst our nation's most valuable public servants. They are responsible for mentoring our students and ensuring that our next generation emerges ready to lead our nation in the future. Mrs. Lindsay's assiduous work and unbridled enthusiasm for her profession exemplify the characteristics of a successful teacher. Today, Mrs. Lindsay approaches the challenge of teaching with the same energy and excitement that she has harnessed since she stepped into the classroom in 1973. Her enthusiasm and dedication to her students fosters an atmosphere of success, where individual students can pursue their education goals at their own pace.

Mrs. Lindsay clearly understands the important position that teachers serve as role models for their students. Being a role model demands an incontrovertible commitment to professionalism in all aspects of life. Mrs. Lindsay treats her students, their parents, faculty, and staff with the utmost respect. She also understands the importance of mentoring young teachers and always seeks to help young people interested in pursuing a career in teaching. By sharing her years of wisdom and experience with all of her fellow colleagues, Mrs. Lindsay improves the quality of her own classroom, as well as the entire school.

Throughout her career, Mrs. Lindsay has been selected to serve in important roles in both her school and her school district. In 1983, while teaching Florida History as part of her 4th grade curriculum in Okaloosa County, Florida, Mrs. Lindsay recognized that the state's Florida studies program did not include any information on Okaloosa County. Over the next two years, she worked with two of her colleagues to research the history of Okaloosa County, and they produced a work book to supplement the Florida History course for future students. Mrs. Lindsay was also chosen to serve as one of three members on a committee responsible for planning the opening of a new elementary school, where she was later selected as their Teacher of the Year.

The importance of teachers is unquantifiable. Each and every teacher should be commended for their commitment to our nation's future. Mrs. Lindsay has proven to be among the many exceptional teachers in our nation. To be selected as Teacher of the Year, chosen from a large pool of extremely qualified applicants, is a reflection of Mrs. Lindsay's tremendous work ethic and steadfast dedication to the students of Northwest Florida.

Mr. Speaker, on behalf of the United States Congress, I am privileged to recognize Randella Lindsay for her accomplishments and her continuing commitment to excellence at Mossy Head Elementary School and in the Walton County School District. My wife Vicki joins me in congratulating Mrs. Lindsay, and we wish her all the best.