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Honoring The Adamsville Junior-Senior High School Band

Rep. Marsha Blackburn

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Mr. Speaker, music is in the very heart and soul of the Tennessee 7th. We rise and sleep to rhythms played by our neighbors that are heard throughout the world. Simply put, musical excellence is commonplace in our corner of the country, but from time to time, remarkable sounds come along. I rise today to honor one such group of remarkable sound, the Adamsville Junior-Senior High School Band.

Capturing their seventh Division One State Championship title since 1999, the Adamsville Band knows a thing or two about hard work, flawless performances, and perfect sound. This group of high school musicians routinely brings home superior ratings in both the quality of their music and the caliber of their performance. This past season brought a new record-high score for the band with a score of 95.24 in the finals. Under the direction of Frank Congiardo, the young men and women of the Adamsville Junior-Senior High School Band are led with dedication, heart, and pride.

The Tennessee 7th is home to outstanding singers, songwriters, producers, and performers, but we are only as strong as the next generation of dedicated musicians. The artists who take the field under the banner of the Adamsville High School Band are proving that our legacy of great sound is safe in their hands. I rise today to thank the talented students, countless supporters, and the professional leadership of Frank Congiardo for their outstanding success. I ask my colleagues to join with me in honoring these students as they add another note to the soundtrack of America.