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Honoring East Texas Baptist University For Its 100Th Anniversary

Rep. Louie Gohmert

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Mr. Speaker, tucked away in northeast Texas is the historic city of Marshall, Texas. As the seat of Harrison County, Marshall is also home to East Texas Baptist University, a respected institution of higher learning. In its one hundred year history, student enrollment at ETBU has grown from a few hundred students to a vibrant, bustling campus filled with more than twelve hundred young men and women seeking a college degree. This year marks the one hundredth anniversary of the trustees' application for a charter from the State of Texas in 1912 to begin what was then known as the College of Marshall, and it is a great privilege to recognize this momentous centennial event. In 1944 the College of Marshall, under the direction of the Baptist General Convention, changed its name to East Texas Baptist College. Then in 1957, the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools granted accreditation to the institution which helped establish its enduring academic credibility. The University Charter was revised in 1984, changing the institutional name to what we now know as East Texas Baptist University. ETBU boasts a number of notable alumni including two former members of this esteemed body: John Dowdy, Texas, Member of the United States House of Representatives (1967 1973) and Sam B. Hall, Member of the United States House of Representatives (1976 85) and United States District Judge (1985 94). ETBU stands by its commitment to the ``development of intellectual inquiry, social consciousness, wellness, and skills for a contemporary society, global awareness, and Christian character.'' Its focus is on ``quality academic programs in the humanities, natural and social sciences, fine arts, and selected professional areas.'' Staff and faculty of ETBU ``affirm that the liberal arts form the surest foundation for education and that the Christian faith provides the surest foundation for life.'' As a Baptist university, ETBU is committed to the integration of learning and Christian faith in the pursuit of truth. The beautiful campus of ETBU is located at the highest elevation in Harrison County, and represents a beacon of higher learning to students who venture to the piney woods of east Texas in pursuit of a quality, upper level, truly Christian based liberal arts education. It is an enormous honor to represent the students and faculty of ETBU, so it brings me great pride today that to recognize East Texas Baptist University on its century of instilling academic excellence while integrating faith with learning. Following the years of loyal service by Dr. Samuel W. ``Dub'' Oliver as President, ETBU is well poised for continued success in the future. Heartfelt congratulations are extended to the faculty, staff, students and alumni of East Texas Baptist University, as their legacy of distinction is now recorded in the Congressional Record that will endure as long as there is a United States of America. Their excellence in faithfully sustaining the ethical, spiritual and intellectual foundations of a God centered education makes it my great honor to be their servant in the United States House of Representatives.