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Passing Of Anthony Shadid

Rep. Dan Boren

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Mr. Speaker, last week the world lost an incredible journalist, and Oklahoma lost a son: Anthony Shadid. At the time of his death Anthony was covering the turmoil in Syria, despite the many attempts to limit media coverage of the violence. This attitude marked Anthony's entire career--he put the importance of sharing information before his personal safety. For 15 years, Anthony worked relentlessly to investigate and bring to light the events in the Middle East.

Anthony was a two-time Pulitzer Prize winner for his reporting on the US invasion of Iraq in 2004 and for the withdrawal of US troops six years later, but he transcended traditional reporting. He was unafraid as he pushed into the front lines, and he often faced dangerous situations head-on.

While Anthony Shadid will always be remembered for his courageous reporting, he also leaves behind a loving family. Anthony's wife, Nada Bakri, is also a reporter for the New York Times; Anthony also has two young children, Malik and Laila. Several members of his family remain in Oklahoma, including his cousin Ed Shadid, a city councilman in Oklahoma City.

My family's deepest sympathies go out to the Shadid's and everyone else whose life was touched by Anthony.