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Recognizing St. Paul’S Parish

Sen. Bob Casey

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Mr. President, it is with great pleasure that I wish to recognize St. Paul Roman Catholic Church of the Diocese of Scranton, PA, as it celebrates its 125th anniversary. Saint Paul's church and school have been a place of worship and education for my family for generations.

St. Paul's Parish, of the Green Ridge Section of Scranton, was created by Bishop Reverend William O'Hara in 1887 as the sprawl from the center city of Scranton commenced with growth in the anthracite coal industry in Northeastern Pennsylvania. The first mass, on March 1, 1887, was attended by 300 people.

A more permanent church, which included classroom space and an auditorium, was built just 3 years later in 1890. In 1892, the Sisters of the Immaculate Heart of Mary began teaching at the school and continue to do so today. A convent was built for the sisters in 1898.

After 38 years, the building that housed the church and school became insufficient, and in 1928, St. Paul School was built and is still in operation. As Green Ridge's population continued to grow, the parish built St. Clare School in 1952, St. Clare Church in 1955, and St. Clare Convent in 1958. Finally, St. Paul's current church was built in 1952 and was renovated in 1999 2000.

Under the current leadership of Monsignor William Feldcamp, St. Paul's Parish remains vibrant with over 4,500 members.

I wish the entire St. Paul community my best as Bishop Joseph C. Bambera celebrates the 125th anniversary mass on Sunday, March 4,