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Tribute To Elizabeth Mccants Ravenell

Rep. James E. Clyburn

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Mr. Speaker, I rise today to pay tribute to an everyday hero, whose abiding faith led her to a remarkable life of Christian service. Deaconess Elizabeth McCants Ravenell passed from this life on February 12, 2012, but her legacy lives on in everyone she touched.

Elizabeth McCants Ravenell was born on November 25, 1922 in Moncks Corner, South Carolina. She attended the public schools of Charleston County, but her calling was a Christian education. She earned certificates from the House of God Academy and Bible College and a degree from the Moody Bible Institute.

Mrs. Ravenell was a devout Christian, and devoted her life to her family and her faith. She first joined the Mt. Olive Baptist Church in North Charleston in 1943. Two years later, she and her husband joined the House of God--Keith Dominion, when their oldest child, Mary Elizabeth was just one year old.

As a member of the House of God, Mrs. Ravenell served in many capacities. She was a part of the National Complex committee, Deacons Union, Chief Overseer's Anniversary Committee, and the International Missionary Outreach Society.

She sailed the Mediterranean Sea, ministering in Madrid, Spain as a guest of a community church her daughter, Margaret Catherine, organized. She represented the Piedmont Diocese of South Carolina in Mississippi. Mrs. Ravenell also took many visitors to the church's General Assembly in Nashville,. Tennessee, and provided food, clothes and shelter for many of them.

She met her husband, James L. Ravenell in Charleston, South Carolina. The couple had six children, and numerous grandchildren, great grandchildren and great-great grandchildren. Mrs. Ravenell was also ``mother'' to all of the children of the church. Children gave her the greatest joy in life, and she doted on all of them. I met Ms. Ravenell soon after marrying into the McCants family over 50 years ago. We became fast friends and remained so until her death.

Mr. Speaker, I ask that you and our colleagues join me in celebrating an abundant life well lived. Elizabeth Ravenell was a dear friend of the family and light to all who knew her. She radiated her Christian faith and spent her life doing good works. While her presence will be missed, she has left the world a better place because of her devotion and service to others.