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The High Price Of Gas

(Mr. BURTON of Indiana asked and was given permission to address the House for 1 minute and to revise and extend his remarks.)

Rep. Dan Burton

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Mr. Speaker, I listened to my good friend Congressman Poe from Texas a few minutes ago, and I was wondering if the President at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, if he is in town and not campaigning someplace, is paying any attention. If I had a chance--and I know I can't address the President from the well, but if I could address the President from the well, I would say:

Mr. President, the people of this country are hurting; inflation is taking off on all kinds of food products and anything else that is being transported by truck. It is because of the energy costs. Gasoline is at an almost all-time high, and you, Mr. President, should be paying attention to it. We ought to be drilling off the Continental Shelf and in the ANWR and in the Gulf of Mexico, and we ought to be fracking. We ought to be also using coal and oil shale. Mr. President, you're not doing any of those things, and the people are suffering. Stay home. Pay attention, Mr. President. It's your job.