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125 Reasons To Celebrate The Greater Orange Chamber Of Commerce

Rep. Kevin Brady

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Mr. Speaker, I rise to honor the Greater Orange Area Chamber of Commerce.

Tonight, this vibrant Chamber will be celebrating its 125th anniversary. This great advocate for small business began back in 1887 as a citizens committee and then became the city's Board of Trade just before the turn of the 20th century.

The city of Orange was born the same year Texas won its Independence, but is history goes much further back. The area first settled around 1600 by the Atakapas tribe is now a shining jewel in the Golden Triangle's crown.

Following up on Orange's proud heritage of ship building for America's military, it was this Chamber that saw the future of petrochemicals and brought jobs to the area just as our soldiers, sailors and marines were returning from World War II.

This Chamber has a long history of bringing civic leaders and business leaders together to make Orange a better place to live and work. The community, led by a vibrant Chamber of Commerce, has taken on the tough tasks from building better roads, a first rate port, strong local schools and a growing college.

Named for its Orange groves, the modern Orange boasts its very own Shangri-La and the world class Lutcher Theater as well as the renowned Stark Museum of Art. This is a community that doesn't shy away from a challenge. Hurricanes Rita and Ike only hardened the resolve of this Golden Triangle treasure and I expect more great things from Orange in the next 125 years as this community continues to grow, while maintaining its signature small town charm mixed with world-class culture.

Today, I honor all those who have made this Chamber great and look forward to meeting those who will lead it in the future.